Microsoft Kinect Receives a Lame Response in Japan

November 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Microsoft can never breathe easy these days and it isn’t just Apple which poses a threat, but the fortune of its new creations is also a huge criterion. Just when MSFT would have been smiling about the steady development of its Windows Phone 7 mobile OS comes the news of the lame response its novelty Kinect is receiving in Tokyo, Japan.

The gaming crazy nation was expected to receive the gesture gaming outfit in a much more exciting manner, but the fanatics have been relatively unmoved by the presence of Kinect in their country, which definitely is very unlike Tokyo.

Although there are no official numbers confirming this rather lame reception, it is the demo areas in the stores which are propagating this belief. The demo areas have been lonely and hence the Kinect isn’t really being entertained the way it should have been.

Microsoft can swallow the bitter pill and probably presume that people are shy and hesitant in trying out the gesture gaming technology out in public areas. And since they cannot try it out in the open, they do not end up taking this console adaptation home.

MSFT will have to come up with private bays in public stores, to help Kinect promotion in these early stages and those bays will importantly have to be huge. Can you suggest anything else?

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