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November 9, 2010, By Christian Cawley

There’s something missing in Windows 7. You’ve noticed it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, until one day, happy with your new operating system, you go to check your emails, only realising half way through your search for Outlook Express that you haven’t set up your account yet.

Only thing is, there is nowhere to set your account up.

I know people that have searched for days through their hard drives and even reinstalled Windows 7 (being unaware of how to enable Windows 7 components) looking for Windows Movie Maker and Outlook Express; they simply weren’t aware that Windows 7 ships without one or two features that people would otherwise consider obligatory.

Why Do I Need Windows Live for Windows 7?

So why does Windows 7 ship without several features, including email, instant messaging and the popular Windows Movie Maker? Rather than package them in the main Windows 7 install, Microsoft opted to leave these components separate, making them accessible to anyone wishing to download and install them from the web.

You can see the logic. Each is a proprietorial application that previously had been packaged as a part of Windows. Given the lawsuits Microsoft has faced (particularly over Internet Explorer in Europe) dropping these apps to “optional” status was a good move.

Except of course, you want to check your emails. So what now?

Well, you’ll have to download Windows Live Essentials for Windows 7.

Download Windows Live for Windows 7

The latest version of Windows Live includes the following applications:

  • Messenger – the latest version of Microsoft’s popular messaging tool
  • Photo Gallery – use this to tweak and organize images, and share them online
  • Movie Maker – create slideshows and movies out of images and film clips with this popular application
  • Windows Live Mesh – synchronise images and documents with the Windows Live Skydrive cloud storage

As well as the tools:

  • Writer – this is a desktop blogging tool
  • Family Safety – parental controls in addition to those included in Internet Explorer 8
  • Mail – it’s here! The new version of Windows Live Mail allows access to multiple email accounts
  • Messenger Companion – this tool allows you to see links shared by your messenger friends
  • Bing Bar – use this to access Bing search without leaving your current website
  • Outlook Connector Pack – a vital tool for connecting Microsoft Outlook to your Hotmail/Windows Live account
  • Microsoft Silverlight – Microsoft’s version of Adobe Flash allows you to view content-rich websites.

There is certainly something for everyone here, and by downloading the Windows Live Essentials pack you can restore the “missing” applications to your operating system.

To get your copy, head for and hit the Download Now link!

The 1.2MB download will then begin a more complete download from the web, allowing you to choose which components you want to install. The length of the installation depends upon your internet connection speed as well as your selection. Just installing Microsoft Messenger will be pretty quick, but installing all 11 tools will take considerably longer.

When installation of the 11 applications and utilities is complete, you’ll be ready to start sending emails, chatting online and editing movies as if you’ve never been away!

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