Pre-Orders for Black Ops Reach Over 4 Million

November 8, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Call of Duty: Black Ops is closing in on it’s predecessor Modern Warfare 2 in pre-orders.

With just about 4.5 million copies pre-ordered, 2.7 million in America and 1.7 million across Europe expect sales to intensify within the next few weeks. Advertisement and word of mouth have definitely played it’s roll to hype up Black Ops. With celebrities in commercials, talk of Call of Duty on the news, and having it released on all consoles including the Wii no one is restricted to buying this world wide gaming phenomenon.

Although Activision claims Black Ops will not sell more units than Modern Warfare 2 within it’s first week of release it seems highly possible. The only thing that might hold Black Ops back from performing better than Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series is Treyarch’s less than desirable streak of videogames. The new installment of this series will hopefully clear their name.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is sure to impress old fans and even new gamers. Hopefully Treyarch doesn’t give us a reason to regret their 4 million pre-orders.

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