Call of Duty: Black Ops Level Unlock List

November 8, 2010, By Christian Davis

Just like in the previous Call of Duty games, you will unlock certain things the more you play and level up. Simply by making it to level 5 you will have something unlocked and after your prestige for the first time you will unlock something as well. Having something to earn as you play will keep gamers coming back for more and Treyarch knows this is what we want.

Here’s a list of all the things you unlock as you progress through the game. And it will take you some time to get these:

Player Rank Unlocks
4 Create a Class
5 Contracts
6 Clan Tag
8 Game Mode Challenges
10 Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems
13 Combat Record
15 Medal Challenges
16 Gun Emblems
19 Gun Tag
20 Elite Challenges
22 Camo
25 Custom Reticules
28 Custom Lenses
30 Final Challenges
31 Facepaint
50 Prestige Mode
Prestige 1 Prestige Leaderboard, Custom Class 6
Prestige 3 Custom Class 7
Prestige 5 Custom Class 8
Prestige 7 Custom Class 9
Prestige 9 Custom Class 10
Prestige 11 Face Tattoos
Prestige 13 Clan Tag Colors
Prestige 14 Golden Camo
Prestige 15 Prestige Playlists

You will definitely notice some cool additions such as the Prestige Playlists, face tattoos, and golden camouflage. Call of duty: Black Ops comes out tomorrow so if you want your copy, head over to your local game store and start waiting in line.

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