Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4 Come First on Christmas Shopping Lists in the UK, Anyone at Microsoft Taking Notes?

November 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

With only a few weeks left until the holiday shopping craze is about to begin, reports are coming in saying that Apple is going to be the lucky winner when it comes to the perfect gift in 2010. Or at least that’s going to happen in the UK …

According to British shopping website who conducted a survey on 3,000 UK residents in October, the most desirable gadget gift of 2010 is the iPad. More than 37% of the respondents voted the highly covetable tablet as the best Christmas gadget of the year.

The iPad was followed closely by the iPhone 4, which made it to the list of more than a quarter voters (27%). Amazon’s Kindle ranked in third, TomTom’s latest sat nav unit ranked fourth, while the fifth place was surprisingly occupied by Sony’s motion-sensitive console, the Move (11%).

As weird as it may sound, Microsoft only managed to score a lousy 5% with their highly anticipated Kinect. A good reason is the fact that the Kinect has rather pretentious requirements that include a clear six foot radius of space for optimum functionality. The same survey concluded that respondents were put off by that fact — actually over half of them (56%) said they wouldn’t even be interested to know more about the device if it can’t be used at full potential in their homes.

“Dominating the top spots in our poll, Apple’s products offer a multitude of functions without skimping on style. However, proving that style isn’t everything, the Xbox Kinect’s cutting-edge technology seems to be a step too far for many consumers,” said Duncan Jennings, co-founder of

So, have you wrote to Santa yet? What’s your top 5 for 2010?

Note: we know the iPhone in the image is not the fourth-generation model, but the image was too good not to be used (just speaks for itself). Many thanks to mpimagery for allowing it on Flickr with CC tags.

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