Ubisoft’s Kinect Title, Fighters Unleashed, Gets a Trailer

November 6, 2010, By Christian Davis

With Microsoft’s Kinect being the most important thing in gaming right now, we are receiving a slue of information about the games that we are going to be playing on it. Amongst those titles, Ubisoft’s Fighters Unleashed is going to be the first fighting game on the Kinect.

Already available in stores, Ubisoft’s fighting game is an immersive total body fighting experience. The trailer is partial live action and shows some beefy guys throwing each other around. It then shifts into the gameplay and shows a guy having a blast playing it as his two friends watch in amazement.

The next inevitable step with fighting games are the use of franchise titles. Having players actually make a gesture of a hadouken from Street Fighter or requiring someone to jolt their arm out to shoot Scorpion’s spear. Screaming “Get over here” is not required.

Here’s the trailer below.

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