Jimmy Fallon Gives Entire Audience a Kinect

November 6, 2010, By Christian Davis

Ever since Oprah gave her audience a brand new car(I’m still jealous about that) many have begun to do something in the same vain, but it’s never as good. Jimmy Fallon does come in second place however by giving everyone in the audience the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.

Though it’s not a car, it’s still an awesome gift. We have a video of the event taking place below. First you’ll see some gameplay of the new Kinect, which officially launched yesterday on November 5th. You’ll see Fallon play Kinect Sports with Kudo Tsunoda and if you can’t recognize him, it’s because he isn’t wearing his signature sunglasses.

Fallon also plays Dance Central with Harmonix’s Naoko Takamoto. And yes, he dances horribly and it is very funny. Almost immediately after Fallon’s so called dancing, he excitedly informed the audience that they would be getting the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. You can tell he was ecstatic to give something like that away on the show as he screamed “I feel like Oprah” several times.

Enjoy the video below:

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