Verizon to Launch Motorola Droid Pro for $179 & Samsung Continuum for $199

November 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A leaked internal Verizon document has revealed the prices of the much anticipated Motorola Droid Pro and Samsung Continuum handsets on Verizon. Although the reports related to this leak have started to spread, the carrier has not yet officially confirmed the news.

Both the phones are in the list of most awaited devices from the carrier and have been a subject of curious talks among the customers. The leaked document confirms the price of the Droid Pro to be a very reasonable $179, and this price is really lower than the earlier predicted $250 price tag.

As per reports, though unofficial, the launch of this device is scheduled on November 9th via Verizon’s pre-sales. And a week afterwards, the full retail launch will happen.

The dual-screen Samsung Continuum is likely to be available for $199 on a contract with the carrier. The reports don’t indicate any details about any kind of rebates and the date of availability of this device.

The reports have ignited discussions about the pricing strategy of Verizon and the evaluations are on its way to find whether the pricing is reasonable or not.

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