Evil Controllers’ Evil D-Pad Review

November 5, 2010, By Christian Davis

Ever since the launch of the Xbox 360, the one major problem that we’ve all had has been with the controllers Directional Pad also known as a D-Pad. Located in the lower left hand corner, this Directional Pad was just a tad different then what we are use to.

If you’re use to using the Directional Pad on Sony’s Playstation console, you’d know that it’s essentially perfect. Each arrow is separated with the right amount of space, pushing one arrow doesn’t conflict with another and it was just comfortable to play fighting games with.

The Xbox 360’s Directional Pad was consolidated on this strange circular pad. There was no spacing between the directions which cause many to unintentionally press two directions at once and accidentally have you character fall off the ledge of a cliff for example. Or switch to the wrong weapon in Gears of War. It’s a well known fact that the “Directional Pad” for the Xbox 360 just isn’t what is should be. Evil Controllers’ new Evil D-Pad is going to solve all of your problems.

Why the Xbox 360 didn’t have this design from the beginning makes no sense, but thankfully we have Evil Controllers. The first thing you should notice about the Evil Controller(shown below) is the Directional Pad. Instead of that solidified pad that comes standard with all controllers, the Evil D-Pad comes with four separate buttons which changes everything about the controller.

At first glance of the controller it looks like the buttons could be uncomfortable and potentially even hurt your fingers. If you are a big fighting game fan, the most important part of a controller is making sure your thumb isn’t sore from all the slides and button presses that you’re going to be making. That problem is not present here and it’s even easier to preform some moves with the Evil D-Pad as well.

For example, in Capcom’s Super Street Fighter 4, it’s even easier to shoot the fireballs known as Hadoukens. Holding the down arrow and pressing either left or right makes things simpler for the gamer.

The buttons are soft to the touch and highly responsive which is great. The original Xbox 360 controllers Directional Pad felt sluggish and wasn’t optimal for gaming. The feel of the controller is just as ergonomically correct as the standard Xbox 360 Controller and the new, improved Directional Pad is definitely a welcomed addition.

For the review I was provided a faceplate to replace on the controller I owned, so I can not comment on how the analog sticks felt unfortunately. The images of the controller’s analog sticks are very similar to those of the Playstation’s controller which isn’t preferred in comparison to the Xbox 360’s analog sticks, but I’m only speculating.

The one issue that could throw gamers off is the price of the controller. A wired controller will set them back $64.99 and the wireless controller is $84.99. It’s a steep price, but you can get them at a special price right now. Costing $54.99 for the wired controller and a wireless controller is $74.99

Overall, the Evil Controller new Evil D-Pad is something that needs to be standard for all Xbox 360 controllers. It’s  comfortable, responsive, and makes gaming easier. The price is a bit steep, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

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