Dell to Provide Venue Pro for its Employees; BlackBerry Dropped

November 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The entire BlackBerry-equipped staff of Dell will be switching to Dell’s own home-grown Venue Pro smartphones, which runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system. When the switch happens, more than 25,000 BlackBerry-equipped employees of the company will be getting the Venue Pro WP7 and the switch is expected to start in the near future.

The company has started to shine in the business of smartphones and this latest move is regarded as a positive sign for the company to boost its confidence.

But the company’s decision is actually a symbolic loss for RIM as it will lose an important customer in the US.

RIM is already facing problems in the US markets as its market share has declined rapidly over the past year. BlackBerry’s market share is greatly dependent on the corporate customers, but with many companies allowing the Android and iPhone adoption, it is not a period of easy business for RIM.

Dell has planned many models in its future line-up of smartphones such as the Aero and the upcoming Flash, Smoke and Thunder. The company expects to snatch a desirable share from the smartphone market, and the WP7’s inherent link to Microsoft services like Exchange potentially gives it an edge.

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