ASUS DR-900 e-Reader Spotted in the Wild; Reviewed on Video

November 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A video giving an overview of Asus’ new e-Reader, the DR-900, has appeared online. Hinting that Asus has started shipping the device without much fanfare, the clip gives us a better look at the device and its potential features. But it will take a little more time to reach your hands. It is expected to reach consumers by Q1 of 2011only, with a price tag of $426.

The new device comes with a large E-Ink screen of about 9” with a 1024×768 resolution. It weighs just 600g and is ultra slim with just 10mm thickness. It comes with 2GB or 4GB of storage space, with the ability to hold thousands of titles.

The touchscreen functionality has reduced the number of buttons to just five. The home button and the back button are at the bottom of the screen, while up and down buttons are on the side for smooth navigation.

It has a headphone jack at the bottom, besides a microSD card slot, and micro USB port to meet connectivity and charging needs. It is expected to have both 3G and WiFi capabilities to allow users connect with other devices and networks. The browser is commendable with optimal performance and comes with a download manager.

Check out the video and tell us what you think about the new device.

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