New Details of Dragon Age 2

November 3, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Dragon Age 2 is set to release March of next year. The sequel to Bioware’s award winning Dragon Age has fans impatient to get their hands on it.

Here are some new features to expect in the latest installment

Here are the details:

  • The story begins at the same time as its predecessor. The new hero is on the run, while the gray guards fight at the other end of Ferelden against the dark brood.
  • The story focuses on how Hawke over several decades, rising to the great heroes of Ferelden. The developers avail themselves of a narrative tricks. Thus, the history between the chapters of two other characters says: Cassandra expressed interest in the life of Hawke and get a history of dwarfs Varric says.
  • Although the hero is prefabricated, the player can also choose between the warrior, mage and rogue. New abilities are discovered, and especially the warriors at the villains. The latter has ninja-like talent, which is due to the faster combat system.
  • The hero now has a voice which monotonous conversations are likely a thing of the past. Additionally, brought up in the dialogues selectable responses with a symbol that indicates whether what is said is peaceful, dramatic or aggressive. Responses can have an impact on the image within the group. Those answers are provided with a special icon.
  • The icons for life, magic and energy now consists of normal beams instead of the confusing half circles around the character portrait.The system of acquirable skills through the level rise has also changed. Thus, these no longer arranged in consecutive groups of four, but are closer to a tree with branches. Individual talent can now upgrade also, so you can at the Inferno spell – increase the radius – which triggers a firestorm.
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