God of War 3′s deleted scenes and interview

November 3, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

God of War 3 was released back in March of this year and is still being talked about. Just recently, deleted scenes that were not on the special edition documentary have shown up on the internet.

They claim they only shortened or took out some scenes because they felt it made the game better and tighter in some situations. A scene that was unfortunately let go was a three way fight between Kratos, Gaia, and Zeus. The bosses would not live up to the potential merged in to one scene but separated as individual fights was more of a rewarding experience. There are other scenes mentioned but not shown that were also cut from the game.

Hopefully they decide to come out with an extended version of God of War 3 including all of the things that they wanted to do with it. It would be a chance for gamers who are passionate about this franchise to really get to explore more of what Kratos had to experience.

Heres the video below.

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