Epic Games Announces Infinity Blade for iOS Devices

November 3, 2010, By Christian Davis

Epic Games, company known for their highly successful Gears of War franchise, and Chair Entertainment  are going to bring the Unreal Engine 3 to iPhones with their game Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade features adrenaline-fueled sword battles and epic boss fights set in the realm of a fully 3D castle. The game is said to have a great single player mode and a comfortable touch controls that enable casual and hardcore gamers to engage in some action packed battles.

“More than one million people have been introduced to the world of ‘Infinity Blade’ through our free app, ‘Epic Citadel,’ and soon everyone will be able to play our first fully featured game for iOS devices,” said Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games. “With ‘Infinity Blade,’ ChAIR has created an amazing looking, incredibly fun game that really demonstrates the potential of triple-A mobile gaming.”

No set price or release date has been set for the game yet.

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