Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Gets a New Character.

November 3, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Assassins Breed: Brotherhood is releasing November 16, 2010 and what a better way to excite fans than to add a promotional  famous new playable character. Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.

It is said you can unlock this skin by completing all of  the Animus’ new virtual training missions. Konami and Ubisoft team up once again as they have previously in Metal Gear Solid 4 by allowing you to play as Altair the hero from the first Assassins Creed.

There are no videos of him in action yet and talks of him coming to single player have also not been released. Raidens sword should definitely be an item you have to buy from the in game weapon shops to use it or a downloadable content weapon pack should come out including that sword. The weapon can be seen in the Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer. It’s a definite power weapon.

Playing as Raiden should be a real treat to fans waiting for Metal Gear Solid: Rising due to hopefully release by next year. I can only hope there will be no naked Raiden in this game as there was in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Naked cartwheels through Rome does not excite me.

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