Apple iOS 4.2 Takes Care of the iPhone Dialer Security Flaw Issue

November 3, 2010, By Atul Roach

The developers got lucky with the final version of the iOS 4.2 better called ‘Gold Master’ release yesterday and since they are trying and testing it out on various possible Apple gadgets, we are getting lucky to know more about the problems 4.2 is capable of fixing. For starters, it has been revealed that the iOS 4.2 takes care of the iPhone-lock screen exploit that facilitated the unauthorized access to various aspects of the smartphone without the pass code being entered.

The ones who’ve tried to replicate the exploit after using the latest iOS 4.2 version have failed to do so, which confirms that Gold Master does take care of the security issue. The exploit could ofcourse be used to gain access of a lot of information including contacts list, together with the ability to send emails and other messages. The only requisite was to enter a false emergency call number and then press the sleep and end-call keys simultaneously.

The iPhone users will be relieved a lot to hear that the security flaw has been taken care of and now their only question will be to know more about the update getting rolled on to their handsets.

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