Samsung Galaxy Tab Teardown; Build Materials Costs Just $214 (Video)

November 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The most touted competitor to the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, has been found to be cheaper than the listed price when its individual component price is calculated. By summing up the cost of the individual components being used inside this new tablet, it costs just $205.22.

A teardown analysis of the Samsung tablet has revealed that the tablet got cheaper than iPad mainly due to compromises on the size and resolution of the display compared to the iPad.

The analysis of the inner landscape of the Samsung Galaxy tab hints that the device is not made to fight feature-by-feature with the iPad but just happens to be a larger version of the Galaxy S Smartphone.

The analysis puts the total cost of producing a single galaxy tab at $214.57 when the individual components price is added to the manufacturing cost.

But it is widely known that the production cost of an electronic device is not just about the component price. After all, if we go this way, iPad costs only $264.27 on a similar teardown analysis.

Check out the iSuppli website for the full teardown.

There is a video, which comes courtesy of, which will give you a peek at the dissected Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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