Halo: Reach for 20 Dollars. [UPDATE]

November 2, 2010, By Christian Davis

In the history of my existence I don’t think I have ever seen a gaming deal this good. No, that’s not a typo. Play-Asia.com has Halo: Reach for 20 dollars right now.

Halo: Reach is was just released on September14th and is still $60 everywhere else. Bungie’s latest, blockbuster, multi-million dollar game has stolen all time from Xbox 360 gamers as they leave other games to collect dust.

Play-Asia is a very large and popular site and if you want to  take advantage of this once in a lifetime deal, then you need to hurry up and purchase this now. With Halo: Reach being 20 dollars, you have no reason to not buy it now.

All of your friends online are playing Halo:Reach and you’re stuck playing Halo 3. It’s time to upgrade and now is the time. Jetpacks, holograms, drop shields, and the vehicle crushing armor lock await you.

The link is below and good luck!

UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this, they already sold out. I’m sorry gamers!

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