BlackBerry Storm 3 Rumored Specs; Includes 8MP Camera

November 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Although there are rumors flying around about the cancellation of the BlackBerry Storm 3 on Verizon, new reports are suggesting that the device might arrive and that it might be coming with different specs than what was earlier rumored.

The latest revelation is that the Storm 3 might be coming equipped with an 8MP camera instead of the 5MP one that was suggested in the initial reports. The camera is likely to be incorporated into the device along with a dual LED flash.

Earlier reports had suggested that the Storm 3 would come with an 8GB version, but it also looks like RIM would throw a 16GB version into the works as well. RIM will be providing the device with a processing speed of 1GHz and 512 MB of RAM along with 1GB Rom.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 is expected to bear a 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and an optical trackpad. GPS, WiFi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity is also expected to be enabled in the device.

The OS that the phone will be bearing is what everyone is doubtful about. It would likely bear the OS 6 or the same OS that the PlayBook bears. If it comes with the PlayBook OS, expect BlackBerry App World to receive a huge update with QNX titles.

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