Teen Brags Over Murder in World of Warcraft

November 1, 2010, By Christian Davis

If you are uncomfortable about reading about death, please stop now.

This past March two teens, 16 and 18, in British Colombia raped and killed 18 year old Kimberly Proctor before mutilating her body and burning it under a bridge.

After the crime was committed, the 16 year old logged onto World of Warcraft and bragged about what he did. Supposedly he went to World of Warcraft because he couldn’t talk about it on MSN chat. The attack on the poor girl was pre-planned through private chats and text messages; using code words and brainstorming on how to commit the crime.

While discussing the crime online, the 16 year old stated that killing someone felt different then he thought it would.

The two teens are in a BC Courtroom. If they’re tried as adults, they could receive life in prison. If they’re convicted as children, the could get 10 years.

Another sad day is gaming.

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