HP Palm Pre 2 to be Available Unlocked for GSM Networks; Uses Gorilla Glass

November 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP has confirmed that the company’s latest webOS smartphone, the Palm Pre 2, will be sold directly to the buyers as an unlocked device for GSM networks. The company has also said that the device will be using premium Gorilla Glass.

The Palm Pre 2 will be sold directly through HP SIM-unlocked. Therefore the users will be able to insert SIM-cards of various carriers into the device for the usage according to their preference.

Although there has been no confirmation on the availability and pricing of the Palm Pre 2, the device is said to be a moderately updated version of its predecessor.

The company incorporates a portrait-oriented keyboard and a 3.1-inch, HVGA (320 x 480) touchscreen into the phone. The company has also added Gorilla Glass, to cover the display, which promises the protection of the device from scratches and breakage.

The phone will allow the users to wirelessly synchronize a wide variety of data with online services like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, as well as Microsoft Exchange as it runs on the webOS 2.0, a multi-tasking, touch-oriented operating system. HP’s mobile operating system along with a 1GHz processor will be powering the device.

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