How To Edit YouTube Clips Online

November 1, 2010, By Christian Cawley

So after recording video clips of the party or holiday, you’ve uploaded them to YouTube, shared them with friends on Facebook – and left them there, without any editing. They might not even be as interesting as party or holiday clips. You might simply have been playing with your mobile phone camera and uploaded the footage. Editing the clips into something more interesting is on your to-do list, but not at the top of your list of priorities; besides, you don’t have a video editing suite.

But why would you splash out on an expensive suite when you can use online video editing software? Thanks to YouTube TestTube you can use their in-development Video Editor online application to edit together clips, apply a soundtrack and even choose form a selection of transition effects!

Head on over to to get started – and follow these steps to turn you video clip from a static piece to a very interesting one!

Using Test Tube’s Online Video Editing Software

Get started by having a YouTube account and videos to upload. If you haven’t already got these, visit and signup, and then begin adding clips to your account.

In truth, however, you only need the one clip. However many you, simply click the + symbol in the corner or left-click and drag the clip down to the editing page to begin the process of editing. Here you can clip on the scissors icon to trim the clip, or simply add another clip. If you do trim a clip, you can add the same clip again later, useful if you have filmed two scenes that you wish to cut together.

When you have all of your clips in place, you’re ready to add a sound track and transitions!

Adding a Soundtrack to your YouTube Movie

Switch to the soundtrack tab to add a tune – you’ll spot this as it is signified by the recognisable symbol of musical notes.

You can choose a soundtrack here from a variety of acts in many different genres; many you may not have heard of, but the material is useful as a backdrop for any clips where you want to remove the dialogue.

Click the + sign or drag the clip to the soundtrack section beneath your clips, and your first online movie edit has music! Note that the clip might be longer than the soundtrack, so you may need to choose an alternative.

How to Add Transitions in YouTube’s Online Video Editing Software

If you’re using multiple clips, then transitions might be useful at some point. These range from crossfades to Star Wars-style wipes and basic shape zoom transitions. Each can be added into your clip by left-clicking and dragging the clip to your movie clips time line.

Don’t worry about adding transitions as you first add the clips – these can be added at any time, and sit between the main clips.

Once you’ve finished, set a Title for the new video and then click on Publish – with a few additional, optional details added, your clip is ready to share on YouTube!

(You can see the results of just a basic clip with soundtrack on my YouTube account.)

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