Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Plasma Cutter Pictures

November 1, 2010, By Christian Davis

Dead Space 2’s collectors edition is definitely making waves. The biggest reason is the addition of Issac Clarke’s Plasma Cutter. Visceral Game’s survival shooter is one of the best out there and this collectors edition is definitely going to boost sales for Electronic Arts and Visceral Games.

An image of the collectors edition(shown above) already comes with a fair amount of goodies even without the Plasma Cutter Replica. Here’s a list of the items below:

  • Dead Space 2 Games(obviously)
  • Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack
  • Concept Art Lithograph of a person mutating into a necromorph
  • Downloadable Unitology Suit and Force Gun

That’s pretty cool already, but  Issac’s signature weapon is the limb cutting icing on the cake. The replica isn’t as big as one would think. Like the Halo 3 helmet or the Killzone 3 helmet, it’s a scaled model of its 3D counterpart. It is definitely smaller than expected, but still worth getting. Here are the images below. Enjoy them and all their high resolution glory.

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