Call of Duty: Black Ops has Presidents Killing Zombies

November 1, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ hyped Zombie mode is adding a presidential twist to its game play by adding some of United States Presidents and various world leaders in to the mix.

In the trailer featured below you will see John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, and Robert McNamara bunkered in the Pentagon  fighting of hordes of zombies. Most of the essentials from Call of Duty: World at War return including boarding up windows, doors, and you will have the ability to unlock further parts of the level with more points that you achieve.

There’s no talk as of now for other presidents or other world leaders  joining the zombie slaughter  but I can definitely see Treyarch adding more characters to the zombie mode. This can turn this game mode into a huge gold mine for downloadable content. Adding more presidents from today including President Barrack Obama or former candidate Vice President John Edwards like NBA Jam would make this a more enjoyable experience that it already will be.

Here’s the video intro below for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode (scroll to 3:01 for more info)

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