3D Shades from Gucci Get Hefty Price Tag but Cool Looks

November 1, 2010, By Alex Ion

Those of you who’re fascinated with 3D (and think it’s the future) have a new solution for watching Avatar or Alice in Wonderland without looking … funny (we actually refrained from using “ugly), as Gucci have just announced that they’ll be releasing their new 3D glasses with “optically correct” Real D frames sometime in December.

Priced at a hefty $225, the Gucci 3D shades are stylish and have a retro-feeling — one introduced by creative director Frida Giannini into her Gucci Eyeweb collection this past summer. But that’s not why you should get your pair. In fact the glasses bring support for polarized 3D displays, which means that you’ll be able to look sleek while watching a 3D film right on your couch, or your friend’s hosue — or imagine bringing these with you at the mall and refusing those bulky pairs of frames they give you when entering the hall. Priceless!

The new Gucci 3D glasses have “optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology”, along with a “high tech multi-layered mirrored coating which allows the wearer to view themselves in a mirror without distortion.”

According to the company, “the mirrored coating not only provides a premium look as well as offers superior viewing and contrast enhancement, but also allows over 98 percent of visible light through, therefore not affecting viewing in a cinema environment. An anti-reflective coating has been applied to the back of the lens for additional overall image quality by reducing scattered light, glare and blue light.”

There you have it folks, 3D glasses from Gucci.

Remember only those of you in the US or visiting the US starting December will be able to get their hands on a pair at Gucci’s boutique stores.

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