1 Billion Entertainment Hours are Spent on Xbox Live Each Month

November 1, 2010, By Christian Davis

I don’t know how you feel about this, but that’s a lot of time. Major Nelson has posted on his site and told us some monumental news about Microsoft’s prized  videogame console, the Xbox 360.

Now, in the title of the article it says entertainment hours, not just gaming. Since the Xbox 360 used so much more than a gaming console now, it’d be unfair to the other applications that the Xbox 360 is used for.

Here is a list of some really impressive Xbox 30 data:

  • There are 45 million consoles sold in 35 countries.
  • In the last year alone there has been an 157 percent increase in the time spent watching movies and television on Xbox.
  • 42 percent of Xbox LIVE Gold members in the US are watching an average of an hour of television and movies on their Xbox, every single day or more than 30 hours of digitally distributed television and movies a month.
  • The 25 million members of Xbox LIVE around the world are each spending more than 30 hours per month on the service – that means cumulatively Xbox LIVE members are now logging more thanone billion hours a month on the service.
  • Access to Xbox LIVE is expanding from 26 countries to 35 this November.

Lets give a round of applause to Microsoft and their Xbox 360. They’ve definitely earned it.

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