Sony PSP2- Operation Codename Veta: Bits of false news deliberately leaked by Sony to identify leakers!

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The internet is a place full of leaks. If you are willing to go along, then you can get the most audacious and unbelievable news on a daily basis (much like that time traveler clip from The Circus that has gone viral). But if you are a top company, then there is also a way in which you can use internet’s ‘over the top’ curiosity and hunt for scoops by systematically leaking news to your advantage. It seems Sony is doing just that as of now.

With PSP2 plans supposedly ‘leaked’, Sony is trying to leak out false information in an attempt to fish out the leakers from within. Smart strategy really as there could be potential leaks in future that might hurt them big-time. What is also interesting is that along with the same news we are hearing that the codename for PSP2 project is ‘Veta’. (Yup, could be a purposeful false leak as well)

This is really clever thinking on Sony’s part. All the news surrounding both the PSP2 and Playstation Phone so far might be very well genuine, but the spreading of news that they are intentionally leaking false news puts the cat among the pigeons. Now everyone will look at every news bit with suspicion and will be more careful before drawing conclusions. That could actually put a stop to the rumor mill churning out more.

Well, either way, we just hope that the PSP2 is indeed real as it has already got many hopes pinned on it!

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