Nexus Two from Google & Samsung existence confirmed: Specs, Features and possible Release date for what looks like a Samsung Galaxy S clone with Gingerbread inside!

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We told you a couple of days earlier that the Google Nexus Two would be indeed out across Europe by Christmas time and people thought it was just a rumor. Then we confirmed it yesterday with the news that Samsung will build the Nexus Two for Google. Today, we have the news and it is as good as official. Samsung and Google have indeed made the Nexus Two and it has already been examined by few of the android faithful who are up close with Google. The Nexus Two is real and its going to be here come this year end for sure.

Samsung indeed has made the Nexus Two for Google and it is thankfully nothing like the Nexus One that HTC had dished out. The Nexus Two is much like the Samsung Galaxy S and from distance you would be easily tempted to think that it is indeed a Galaxy S. Sleek, shining in black and with a sexy, curved exterior, Nexus Two already wins big time over Nexus One.

Also among the available features so far is the 4-inch AMOLED display that should redefine the way you play around with your mobile. But it is not just the display that will do the trick. Gingerbread on the inside is more or less now confirmed for the Nexus Two. Again that makes complete sense as Google would want to pave way when it comes to using its latest OS.

Expect the release around Christmas time for sure with an official announcement coming from Google and Samsung on November 8. Just hold on to your hats as more details start trickling in as you wait for the next ground-breaking Android handset.

(The image of Nexus Two presented here is only a rendition of those who have seen it and not the actual image. Supposed to be very close to the real thing; but that is exactly why we never said ‘picture inside’)

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