HTC HD7 to be released by T-Mobile on November 8 for $200 even as Amazon gives away HD7 for $170: Where will you go?

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We know that you are thinking, “That is a pretty stupid question to ask?” Well, like always, there is a catch in there. No, Amazon will not be charging you more than the $169.99 that the promise and there are no hidden charges, but the HTC HD7 will take a week or two or even three to reach you. With Amazon saying that shipping could take up to 3 weeks, (mind you, it could be quicker), are you willing to order and wait for the HTC HD7 or happy to pay $30 extra to pocket it instantly?

T-Mobile will start selling the HTC HD7 from November 8, the same day that AT&T will also start offering Samsung Focus and HTC Surround to its customers. T-Mobile has priced the HTC HD7 at $199.99 on an obvious 2-year contract. Amazon Wireless will also sell the HD7 starting the same day for $169.99 on a similar two-year deal.

We are just starting to hear that Costco is offering the HD7 for $199, but along with a $50 cash card. So in case you have some additional purchases to make, you might want to check out this deal as well. Come November 8, where will you be going for your HTC HD7?

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