Charlie Chaplin & Time Traveler from The Circus, Nexus Two, Elza and Marcelino Camacho in current top Twitter Trends dominated by Memes

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Keeping an eye out on the current ‘Twitter Trends’ is a nice way to know what is happening around you and exactly what might be the next topic of conversation tomorrow in the office. So what exactly are the trends on the Tweets as of now? Here is our periodic check at what is hot on the Twitter planet and who is making the waves. It is just a good way to keep yourself up with what all have been the cool talking points this past week or so. Helps maybe with that chat in the bar, over the weekend!

The latest reports from the Twitter domain list the following as the top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter as of today:

1. #DressLikeFlo (Promoted)
2. #thingsweusedtodoaskids (new)
3. #whyyougotatattooof (new)
4. #badconversationstarters (-2)
5. Nexus Two (new)
6. Marcelino Camacho (new)
7. Charlie Chaplin (new)
8. Elza (new)
9. Great Pumpkin (new)
10. Jack City (new)

The list of top Twitter trends is filled with Memes from 1 to 4. But we look beyond the top 4 and it is the Nexus Two that is the first little nugget that slips in at the fifth spot. The news of Nexus Two being made by Google and Samsung has been now doing rounds for the past couple of days.

Then it is the whole ‘time traveler clip’ saga from the edited clip of Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus. Is it a time traveler with cell phone? Well, we are not passing a verdict on it, but twitter users have plenty of opinions on the subject and everyone has their own theory. New Zealand’s Next Top Model contestant “Elza” is in at 8 while Spanish politician Marcelino Camacho is at 6.

Surprising that Paul the Octopus is not on the list, but maybe people were done with the condolence messages. So that is what is making the headlines on Twitter for now. Another week and we will meet you with another updated list…

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