BlackBerry Torch coming to AT&T in Red & White: Listening Apple? It says WHITE as in ‘White iPhone’ that you promised…

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The bright point here is that at least someone is able to produce white keypads that match the phone. But beyond that, repainting a mobile phone that is already not very popular will not help increase its sales at an instant. Maybe there will be a few around who would have wanted to pick up the Torch (despite BlackBerry Bold 9780 set to be released) and those few now can pick from the latest Torch models in White and Red. It kind of goes along with Christmas theme as well.

If you like Snowy, the go for white and if you like the merry red, then take the other one. The new colors of BlackBerry Torch will hit AT&T stores on November 7. That is a day ahead of AT&T starting sales of HTC Surround and Samsung Focus while T-Mobile will bring out the HTC HD7. RIM needs to really think of better ways to attract consumers rather than adding gloss to older models or just updating past mobiles with latest OS.

Well, in case Torch is your mobile, you can pick one of these two on November 7. It is on the same day when you can buy any two accessories from AT&T and get a third one of equal or lesser value for free. Yup, we already know what people will be more interested in!

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