Apple surpasses RIM and pushes Sony Ericsson out of the Top 5: Nokia still on top of IDC List despite Android eating away at its smartphone market share

October 29, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There were no doubts about how successful Apple has become in moving mobiles and wooing more consumers towards its sleek products. But if you really wanted any numbers to quantify the once computer giants’ success in the mobile industry then the latest list from IDC should be good enough. Apple is now selling 14.1 mobile units every 3 months and has just pushed RIM a place down on the top 5 list. For the first time Apple has overtaken RIM in the number of units sold in a quarter.

Also for the first time since 2004, Sony Ericsson has been bumped out of the top 5 thanks to the growing Apple popularity. Nokia continues to remain at the top, but their market share has come down from 36.5% to 32.4%. This is partly due to android smartphones being preferred over Nokia’s smartphones. But the bigger reason seems to be local manufacturers in South East Asia and Latin America who are now starting to replace Nokia in a market that they well and truly dominated for a long, long time.

Even LG has seen a decline in the market share from 10.6% in the previous quarter to 8.3%. The big story though is the Apple move up; something that should continue in the future.

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