Amazon & BestBuy Stop Taking Pre-orders for Kinect; Motion Controlled Game Sensor for Xbox 360 Sold Out

October 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sold out! That’s what guys at Amazon US and BestBuy are telling customers who come looking for Kinect.  The two online stores are not taking anymore pre-orders for Microsoft’s motion-controlled game sensor for the Xbox 360.

This development comes just a few days before the launch of the Kinect. As you are aware, the Kinect launches on November 4th.

Customers who checked out BestBuy online found a Coming Soon tag on the site. Meanwhile, Amazon’s product page says preorders are now available only through affiliates. However, Amazon lets you pre-order bundles with a new Xbox 360.

That means the motion camera software will be available as bundles, but if you need just the Kinect camera, it would be tough to find one now.  The scene reveals that the motion-controlled game sensor for the Xbox 360 has been sold out.

But then, don’t despair. GameStop and Walmart still have stock of the $149 standalone camera and you may head for these stores without wasting much time.  Kinect will cost $150 in the U.S.  Wishing you luck, if you are looking to get your Kinect.

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