Verizon iPhone 4 with CDMA capabilities (Maybe even Dual SIM) to start shipping from this December: Pegatron expects to ship out 10 million CDMA iPhone units next year!

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Here is your daily dose of Verizon iPhone rumor/news/update or whatever else you would like to call it. Maybe we should have a ‘Verizon iPhone Corner’ and dedicate a special segment for it… Well, while we ponder on that, let us get to the latest news at hand.

Many are predicting a Verizon iPhone CDMA release by March 2011, but we did stick our head out and say it could be very well out at CES 2011. Well, the early 2011 release now seems more real and in fact, the latest news says that it could start shipping in December 2010!

Pegatron Technology internally expects its Apple CDMA iPhone shipments to reach 10 million units in 2011 and this is no new rumor as it is news that comes from a serious statement that discusses the company’s fiscal plans and future [link]. They have already started installing equipment and hiring 10,000 new personnel to help them meet the demand. The company says that this will be a onetime investment that should see them make big financial gains in 2011.

So, this surely means that the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 is on its way. Pegatron Technology says that the shipping could start in coming December itself; More good news for those waiting for the Verizon iPhone 4. If it is CDMA or even Dual SIM iPhone, it must be for Verizon as they are the ones who rule the CDMA backyard.

Well, again some proof that the long-awaited Verizon iPhone is not very far away anymore.

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