Samsung Galaxy Tab on O2 UK to set you back by £599: With Amazon offering the Tab at £529, the O2 price is just not right!

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

O2 UK has just announced the price that they will be charging for the Samsung galaxy Tab and buying the Tab from them will burn a deep hole in your pocket. O2 has priced the Galaxy Tab at £599, which seems to be good £70 more than what Amazon is offering it for. The offer has no contract attached whatsoever, so this is the selling price of the Galaxy Tab as determined by Samsung. What is interesting is that they are offering no subsidy at all on it.

O2 has not yet revealed what the on-contract Galaxy Tab will cost, but we are sure that it will be a lot cheaper as then you would be tempted to sign on that dotted line and will pay O2 bills for the next 2 years. But even considering that there is no contract, the O2 price of the Tab is just ridiculous and we are guessing that they will not be shipping many units at this rate.

Obviously O2 will go all out in promotion of the ‘on-contract’ galaxy Tab and they do not wish to reduce any profit margins on the contract-free ones. Either way, if you are buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab outright, go to Amazon for now and just forget about O2!

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