Rogers Palm Pre 2 Image Leaks; Rumored Pricing & Launch Date

October 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A set of leaked pictures has confirmed that the Palm Pre 2 is headed to Rogers in Canada. Earlier, we had seen the source code on the Palm Canada site that hinted that this webOS 2.0 phone was headed to the carrier.

The leaked pictures show the Palm Pre 2 in packages having the Roger’s logo. The series of pictures also include a close up shot of the screen of the new device showing ‘Rogers’ in the top corner. The screen reads a request either to accept or to decline the terms and conditions for using the Palm webOS services.

The pictures show Palm Pre 2 in minimalistic white boxes with details on the contents and system requirements. However, Rogers’ official website has not yet acknowledged the leak or the release of the device on their network.

Although there is no clue about the price tag from the package pictures, rumors put it around $99.99 with a three year contract. Some sources hint that this 3.1 inch multitouch screen device armed with a 5 MP camera, may hit the streets of Canada as early as November 9th.

Hit the source link to view all the other images.

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