Playstation 3 320GB without the Move Bundle now available for $350: Pay just $50 to double up your storage!

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

You are really not a big fan of moving around, jumping up and down and going on what looks like a little exercise trip once you sink into your couch to get some Playstation action? Well, Sony understands your sentiments completely and that is why they are offering you the brand new 320GB Playstation 3 that will cost you $50 less than the current one and will do away with all that physical activity. That is right, they are helping you sink into the couch for hours together and save extra $50 which you can use to further enhance your six-pack abdomen protected by your beer belly!

The Sony 320GB PS3 without the Move ad-on will now cost $350, while the existing 320GB PS3 set you back by $400. What you will not get now will be the Move controller, PlayStation Eye and Sports Champions. But since you anyway really do not wish to move about much, you need not worry at all about what is missing.

The added attraction now will be that you can buy a 320GB Playstation 3, instead of the 160GB version by paying $50 more. The 160GB PS3 costs $300 and so, why not save up a bit more and double the storage space? Seems like Sony is all out to woo consumers this holiday season. Now the question is- Are you tempted enough?

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