Nexus Two with Gingerbread inside to be announced by Samsung and Google on November 8?

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The news surrounding Nexus Two is getting more interesting with each passing day and now it is also starting to make sense; bit by bit. We wondered just yesterday, while reporting that Nexus Two could be on its way out, about why Google would ask HTC once again to design a mobile when the first one was such a fail. We wondered maybe Google wanted to launch Gingerbread on their own mobile, and hence was taking the gamble. But latest news indicates that this is no gamble and Google and Samsung will be partnering the Nexus Two.

The latest rumor that is doing rounds (and when we say rumor, it is from some pretty solid sources; just not official) is that Samsung indeed will announce the Nexus Two along with Google at their scheduled press event on November 8 in New York City. Now this could be very interesting, and indeed worth taking a good look at for Android users- Samsung creating the hardware and Google handling the software!

We were talking about Nexus Two being released across Europe by Christmas and of course many questioned the validity of the report. Probably many will do so again. But what we are interested is in seeing if we really do have Gingerbread out in 10 days time. Hopefully we will…

Either way, if you are planning to take a new android set, just hold on a couple of weeks. If Nexus Two is indeed out (as we are suggesting), then you can have a handset with the latest version of Android. If not, you can still buy what is on offer!

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