iPhone Design in future to sport custom SIM cards that allow you to pick a carrier (Verizon vs AT&T) from the App Store: Apple’s effort to stop the unlocking?

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Steve Jobs did take about ‘integration’ at the Mac Event and it seems he is now planning to integrate the SIM into the iPhone to create a future where you can buy an iPhone from Apple and then just activate it from the app store using a built-in app. Then you would be able to choose a network provider of your choice without any hassles whatsoever. All this over the App Store and you will have a pre-activated iPhone in your hand that will work within minutes. So will this plan of custom-built SIM cards for iPhone work and when will we such an iPhone out?

The plan currently seems to be to ensure that people come to the Apple Store for the iPhone and not to some carrier that is offering it on a subsidy. This is more aimed at the current European market, where exclusivity for iPhone is already a lost concept. There are many carriers currently in Europe that offer iPhone 4 and when an iPhone 5 does come out, maybe Apple wants to ensure that you come to its store for the handset and then pick a network based on the cheapest contract!

This could be very well applicable once the iPhone is out on the Verizon Wireless network in the US as then you could pick AT&T or Verizon on the phone itself. So will this mean that the iPhone would be costlier? Not so much as then probably carriers would reduce their monthly tariffs to woo you. But this might be more aimed at Apple ensuring that the iPhone is not unlocked and shipped away!

Like the idea? This is not confirmed in anyway yet though, so hold on till you get more news in this regard. But the possibility is very real!

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