Angry Birds Halloween for iPhone and iPod Touch sells out 1 million copies in six days (App Store Download Links inside)

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

These are not the birds you want to mess with! Angry Birds continue their news-making marathon run with another story for another day. Those irate little ones have made it to over 1 million iPhone & iPad devices in less than just six days! The Special Halloween Edition of Angry Birds has sold over a million copies in less than a week and unlike the whole ‘Angry Birds on Android’ story, you cannot complain that it sells because it is free.

Rovio has just made millions once again by selling out all those copies on iPhones and iPads. That said, this was barely a surprise with the bird flinging just catching on so fast in the last couple of weeks. Everyone is into it now. Maybe you started off because you were bored or maybe out of peer-pressure at work. But either way there are many who seem hooked to the brick breaking spree.

Updates for Angry Birds on Android, Symbian^3, Palm WebOS, and the Nokia N900 are yet to come. Cut the Rope did spend some time at the top of the App Store before its rope was cut by the Halloween version of Angry Birds and now even the original version is back to the number 2 spot.

So it is on Android, iOS, Symbian^3 and WebOS, but what about PC users? Well, we did get one free wallpaper a day or two ago!

Here is the App Store download link for iPhone and iPad users

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