Worry for Your Job No More! Monster Gives You a Reason

October 27, 2010, By Alex Ion

Worried about vanishing jobs? Just have a look at what people share at the space recently launched by Monster for its users’ success stories in the job seeking game — yes, even if you’re a true geek looking for
a job in tech.

Greg Drevenstedt was lucky enough not only to search for a job at the right time but at the right place. The first day Greg posted his resume on Monster, he says, he got the call for his dream job as a road test editor for Rider magazine. He is now riding motor cycles which he loved but never dreamed of earning a living. “I now get paid”, says a delighted Greg, “to do what many people pay big bucks to do on their vacation”.

Dan Blasini shares a similar story. If Greg was looking for a job as a fresher, Blasini was little doubtful about finding a job which will help his service in the army to benefit others. Now a Nurse Case manager, he brings happiness back to the lives of many suffering from amputation loss. He thanks Monster more than anything else for fetching him his vocation as a full time job.

Not everybody is as lucky as Dan and Greg. The stories shared here have people who lost jobs more than once but, they found another better one from Monster. What recruiters shared here shows how this job exchange platform helps in distributing jobs worldwide, connecting both employees and employers in a world where jobs are said-to-be vanishing.

If you are worried about the scaremongering about the vanishing jobs, browse through the stories and tips shared on Monster’s page. Or, if you have one of your own, share it here. As they say, never give up
hopes anymore this time on jobs.


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