TELUS HTC Hero in Canada Gets an Éclair Upgrade; Flaunt New Features on Your Handset Now

October 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Owners of the HTC Hero on TELUS in Canada have something to cheer about. The device may not be on sale anymore, but those who already own the Hero can now have an OS update. We know many of you who have been flaunting the HTC Hero were looking forward to a date when an upgrade would come about – and it finally has.

TELUS is offering an upgrade to Android 2.1 Éclair and you can get it right here!  An OS upgrade to Éclair would mean that you can now show off features such as Flash support 4.0, Google Maps Navigation, Voice-dialer, Multi-Touch navigation, People Group Widgets on your TELUS HTC Hero from now on.

The upgrade to Eclair OS can make you stronger with Google Maps Navigation, multi-touch, voice-dialer, and much more.

TELUS seems like having added a few more fans, with this feature being rolled out. The update would mean that users could now claim some of the best apps, though new handsets are not forthcoming.

For those who didn’t know, HTC Hero had disappeared from stores during September.  Canada, have fun! For the upgrade has come about!

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