Target ‘Buy 2 Get 1’ Sale to Offer Games from Sunday Onwards

October 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Target is introducing an exciting offer for its customers who love playing virtual games on their PCs. Its new ‘Buy 2 Get 1’ sale starting from  Sunday is awaited by the sizable community of game-lovers as a rare chance to pick their favorite three games, just for the price of two, as per the conditions set by Target.

‘Buy 2 Get 1’ allows anybody shopping for games in Target’s stores to pick two games and then fetch an additional one equal or lesser in price. The offer is for games only, and shoppers who pick up two 360, PS3 or Wii games can take home a third game of equal or lesser value.

The retail giant is running the offer through next week. However, an extension after that period is not yet confirmed by any official statement.

The talk in the city is that this offer will give an exciting chance to pick the best games from the hundreds in offer at Target stores, for less expense. As the company says, “Expect more, pay less”.

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