T-Mobile to Offer an Add-on Tethering Plan for $15 Along With the myTouch Release

October 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

Tethering is a great asset for the modern day smartphones and for those who haven’t got an opportunity to use this amazing feature as yet, T-Mobile is rolling out an add-on plan on November 3rd just when the latest incarnation of myTouch becomes available with the magenta carrier. You read it right people, the fourth largest carrier in the US will be coming up with an add-on plan of $14.99 a month on top of a data plan of $19.95 per month or higher.

The confirmation comes via the T-Mobile Twitter account so you can be rest assured that paying $15 extra on a monthly bases will convert your smartphone into a mobile hotspot. You will though require a 3G or HSPA+ device to take advantage of tethering advantage.

The ideal thing to do then, only if you do not possess a 3G capable handset, is to go for the myTouch and then you can of course readily accept to pay the extra money to get tethering running on.

It is a top-notch feature people, and talk about desperation, you can consider my stance with a Galaxy S in possession, while the Froyo update is still in the offing.

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