T-Mobile is First Carrier to Sell the Galaxy Tab; Release Date Confirmed for November 10

October 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve already confirmed that all four major US carriers are going to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a couple of them have even gone ahead and publicized the release dates. Interestingly though, it is neither going to be Sprint, nor Big Red which will release the Galaxy Tab in the US first.

The honor will belong to the magenta carrier as the T-Mobile Galaxy Tablet release date has been confirmed for November 10, 2010. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tablet will cost $399 where a two-year contract commitment will be involved, and that is the way you can tout this device as your exclusive possession for at least a day, as the VZW variant arrives on November 11.

All this now means that three US carriers have gone ahead and made official the Galaxy Tab release dates, leaving AT&T as the only service provider to announce the tablet arrival. Has it got something to do with the Apple loyalty. May be, may be not-for us it is just a thought!

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