Penny Arcade Expo Thief Put On Xbox Live Probation

October 27, 2010, By Christian Davis

What’s the worst punishment for a gamer who tries to steal a game? Take all games away from him. Plan and Simple. Justin D. May, guy who tried to steal Break from Penny Arcade Expo, has been in and out of court for some time and it seems they may have finally settled on a punishment on his crime.

Justin May was arrested on March 28th when he was caught trying to steal source code from Atomic Games’ Breach. Reportedly, that source code was worth  $6 million dollars. Yes, big mistake. It also didn’t help that he tried to run when he was confronted.

Yesterday, there was a hearing discussing May and a pre-trial probation will be placed on him. He has to stay in school, not steal again(obviously), stay off of “Xbox Live website(Xbox Live and any associated services),” and give authorities his computer.

Justin May has to live with these conditions for 18 months. If he follows through, the charge will be dismissed.

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