Nokia N8 & HTC Desire HD now out on Vodafone UK: A choice between Android & Symbian

October 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Here are a couple of great deals for mobile lovers in the UK. You have a choice between the flagship mobile of Nokia – the Nokia N8 and the current hot trend in the form of HTC Desire HD. Considering how good both the phones are, it sure is a choice that might be hard to make. Both the mobiles are now being offered by Vodafone and if you are an existing Vodafone customer, then you should be happy with the choice at hand. While the HTC Desire HD is already available in the SIM-free version and on Three, Vodafone brings it with some sweet packages attached.

If you are more inclined towards the Nokia N8, then Vodafone has a special gift even in that area for you. The N8 will be available in Green exclusively on Vodafone (and depending on your taste you will either love it or hate it… Not much of a middle ground in there). The N8 is available with contracts that start at £30/month and span a good 2 years. A package of this sort sees you get unlimited texts, 300 minutes and 500 MB of mobile data.

The HTC Desire HD is also available on a £35/month, 24-month contract which 600 minutes and 500 MB of data along with the free texting. In case you order the Desire HD from Vodafone online, you are offered 900 minutes and 750 MB of data along with 5 MB of Data good, for roaming in Europe. Yup, customers online get the sweeter deal!

What will it be? N8 or Desire HD?

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