Nintendo sees Apple as bigger threat than Microsoft and Sony: It is iPhone, iPad & Apple TV that Wii makers are more worried about than Playstation or Xbox 360

October 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime has finally acknowledged what many have been saying for some time now. Nintendo indeed sees Apple and its products as the bigger threat than what Microsoft and Sony have to offer for gaming aficionados. The admission came from Nintendo America president when asked if he thought the dip in Wii sales in the last four months has them worried. Despite the Xbox 360 capturing the title of top-selling gaming console off late, the threat from Apple is apparently greater.

The concern though is very well placed as in the long term Apple seems to be biting into Wii’s niche all the more specifically. The fact that Nintendo’s Wii and DS have attracted the casual gamer more and have allowed him to carry his games along with him was what enabled Nintendo get a step ahead of Sony and Microsoft. But with the iPhone and iPad managing to do much the same and growing in number and popularity with each day, Nintendo feels threatened.

Now with Apple TV also around, the day would not be far away when Apple presents very competitive alternatives to the Wii, Xbox and Playstation. Once again it seems Steve Jobs and Apple have succeeded in creating a panic among competition.

Greatness they say wins half the battles on merit and the other half just on the aura it generates. It seems Apple is winning a few battles on performance and many more on the back of brand ‘Apple’!

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