LimeWire File Sharing Software Shutdown With Immediate Effect

October 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

LimeWire, which is arguably the most popular peer-peer file sharing network in the world has been shutdown with immediate effect. The reason for this immediate death of LimeWire is a legal injunction passed by a U.S. District Court Judge after RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) filed a legal suite against LimeWire about four years ago.

As per the ruling LimeWire will have to shut down its services with immediate effect while the company’s assets have been frozen. Agreeably, the federal court judgment is significant, but not a game changing legal victory for the already shattered music industry.

Napster has been through the same situation before and even LimeWire will have to seek the legitimate option. The court took this decision because it’s illegal to download and share copyrighted material without an authorization from the sources who own that particular material.

There are millions of users who will be affected with this immediate shutdown and the only solution is to regard LimeWire as a part of history. Reflecting furthermore on this development, the level of damages faced by the site will be revealed in January. As per RIAA, LimeWire has single-handedly cost the music industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

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