Charlie Chaplin Cell phone video: Time-travelling women; maybe an alien from another universe; maybe Steve Jobs’ heir with iPhone 47! (Original movie clip & Video Inside)

October 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We have shown the video to Steve jobs and his reply is ‘If anyone can create a wormhole app, then it is Apple. This is a part of the grand integration plan I talked about at the Mac event. We will one day unite time and space!’ Well, actually we did not (as you might have guessed), but that seems about right in terms of a reply. Anyway, the issue at hand is a video clip from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 movie, ‘The Circus’ and what has caught movie buff George Clarke’s attention is the opening sequence of the flick. There is a woman in coat who seems to be walking talking into a pretty small, well- shaped device that looks more or less like a modern mobile! So what is it?

Well, we have checked the video several times (like many would have and many will) and yes, the woman seems to be busy talking into some kind of a device. Some already have come up with more acceptable answers like large hearing aids that were present then and maybe she was just shielding from the sun.

But no one talks into a hearing device and surely that looks nothing like sun-protection. So again we get back to what it is?

George Clarke thinks it’s a alien and swears that he even saw couple of horn-like structures just out of the hat when the clip was enlarged on the big screen with high-def. He says it might be a time traveler as well who was caught in the frame. Well, either way, this whole video seems like a whole lot of fun!!

So what do we say? Well we are no experts in debunking supernatural phenomenon, but we are observers of technology and science. As stupid as it might sound today, yes, maybe it was a time traveler. Maybe it was a creature from another universe. The point being, there was a time when we honestly believed that earth was flat and we could not put a man on moon. (Not that this is time travel though)

No, we are not confirming the ‘out of the ordinary’ aspect of the clip. It could still be some device of the 20’s. But we like the time-travel thing and so will back it till it sinks (as it sounds a lot more fun and we got nothing to lose!). In case that is not Steve Jobs’ heir, we say it is an alien carrying iPhone 47. What? You think Steve & Apple cannot market one in outer space? Just watch… (iPhone in exchange of Un-Optanium)

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